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A blog about blogging

Forever Creative Manchester are often asked by clients ‘Do I need a blog’ when we are discussing plans for their new website. Nine times out of ten the answer is yes!

While many organisations have adopted blogging over the last decade, the benefits of blogging are still as plentiful as ever. Blogging has evolved from being a personal online journal to what should be an integral part of a business’s digital marketing strategy.

Blogging for Business

A blog can be used to write about anything… be those thoughts, opinions, new ideas or findings you may have come across. It is a blank piece of digital paper you can fill with a story of interest to the audience you want to attract. Over time your blog can become an engaging and relevant section of your website if you post quality content on a regular basis.

The Forever Creative Manchester blog is an essential element of our digital strategy and overall marketing plan. But, why? It is not just for the reasons many of you think.

Blogging can drive extra traffic to your website

How often do you update the content and pages on your website? Many businesses incorrectly keep the same copy and number of web pages on their site the same for its entire lifespan.

Blog articles are an excellent way to achieve higher search result rankings for your website. By writing blog articles about relevant topics (to your target keywords), you can naturally increase your websites ranking in search engine results for those search terms.

The fact that your site is regularly updated is also a signal to search engines that your site is active and relevant. Just the fact that your article has a recent published date can increase your ranking as search engines love new content.

A blog also allows you to create many more indexed pages. Increasing the number of pages you have, increases opportunities there are for your site to appear in search engine results.

Create content for your social media

Publishing a new blog post provides a fantastic opportunity to grow your social media following and engagement through posting links to your latest article and hosting discussions about related topics.

Develop your brand reputation

A quality blog will help develop trust with your audience. By regularly posting well-written content about topical subjects will create confidence in your organisation’s industry knowledge and expertise.

An active blog also signals to first-time visitors to your website that you are proactive and informed.

Connect with potential customers

One of the greatest benefits of blogging is its ability to create and nurture leads. It is not unusual for a business blog to have primary and secondary calls to action on each post. For example, a downloadable guide, webinars, free trial of your product or even just a keep in touch contact form are all great calls to action that generate sales leads.

A successful blog will give your customers and potential customers something to feel invested in and regularly check back with your website for updates. Resulting in your business staying fresh in their memory, and they are much more likely to talk about your services or recommend you others if you inspire them with a good solid blog post.

Start Blogging Today!

Although it takes some time to build a following and develop a library of blog posts, by starting now, you are already on your way to enjoying the numerous benefits of blogging.

As a creative agency, we have helped all sorts of organisations produce quality communications, bolster their reputation, develop their digital presence and get their brands back on track. Get in touch with Forever Creative Manchester via the form below to discover how we can help your business with digital marketing.