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Did you just say brochure design?

We love brochures. And we especially love design. That’s why in our latest creative agency blog entry, we wanted to highlight the importance of brochure design. They come in so many shapes, sizes and styles, even today you can create a brochure that is truly unique.

Printed brochures are a more traditional and tangible material that is often overlooked in marketing conversations.

We regularly (and correctly) talk about the importance of branding, advertising and digital design but rarely focus on the longstanding sales brochure.

In the new digital era, some marketers will have written off brochures. Its true that websites are easier to keep up to date if your product offering is constantly changing. However, there are lots of instances when a professionally designed and printed brochure can play a vital role as a lead-nurturing tool at the centre of your marketing mix.

Case Study – William Turner Schoolwear Accessories Brochure

An example we wanted to use is the Schoolwear Accessories brochure we design and print each year for William Turner Schoolwear (Manchester based).

As suppliers to retailers across the UK, William Turner know that their target audience appreciate receiving a printed overview of their product range. Small retailers are not always able to go online during the course of their working day and having the brochure to hand means they can easily view the full product range.

Over the years William Turner have found the brochure to be vital in generating sales from hundreds of retailers and it has become central to their annual marketing calander.

Launched at the Schoolwear Show each Autumn, the brochure is used both to announce new product launches and list existing stock lines, and has become one of the key take away items from the show.

You can read the full case study here.

Brochure design is still important

Brochure design doesn’t have to be boring. If anything, putting a little thought and care in to it can result in a seriously stylish, striking and powerful promotional tool.

A printed brochure can really achieve a lasting connection with many consumers compared to more modern alternatives. A huge number of people still enjoy something tangible as they are being over exposed to digital communications.

Do I use a creative agency for my brochure design?

One thing that should never be overlooked is specialist skills.

When using a creative agency, you gain access to specialists with years of experience, including artworkers, designers, copywriters, photographers and project managers. You can tap into the expertise of your creative agency, who will be more than happy to recommend content, design styles and print specs to achieve the results you want.

A creative agency has a wealth of resources available at a moment’s notice. Enabling a creative agency to achieve a reduced lead time compared to in-house production. Especially important to meeting those fast-approaching print deadlines. A key element of brochure design is often the photography and an agency can help to manage this process including everything from booking models to arranging locations and props.

Last but not least, a creative agency has the freedom to come up with out-of-the-box ideas and push boundaries. They will come to a project with fresh eyes and be able to inject a level of creativity that may not be possible by using an in-house department.

Are you thinking of creating a brochure? If you would like an informal chat with a creative agency about your project, please get in touch with Forever Creative Manchester.