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At the end of last year, our Client Services team flew to Aberdeenshire, to visit the Glenbervie farm estate;home to one of our clients Macphie. Macphie manufacture ingredients for the bakery, foodservice and food manufacturing sectors, including bread and cake mixes, ready-to-use sweet and savoury sauces, dairy alternatives and food packaging solutions.

Over the last two years Forever Creative have produced advertising creative, a new website, packaging and a host of sales and marketing literature for Macphie. We understand that it’s crucial to really know the client and their product, and hands on experience allows us to get inside the minds of the end user. With this in mind Jenni, Charlotte and Yemi took a day away from the office to get to grips with how food solutions really work.

Getting to grips with the product

After business meetings were out of the way, the team put on their hairnets and lab coats (health and safety first), and entered the applications factory. This is where Macphie do quality control and test their wide range of products. The Forever Creative ladies learnt about the efficiency of using Macphie’s products and with help from Tom the baker, they prepared an array of sweet bakery goods, taking turns to prepare the mixes and decorate them too, using products such as the Chocolate Cookie Mix and Lemon Sensation Mix.

The proof is in the pudding

Just a couple of hours later over 50 muffins, more than 50 cookies, 30 cupcakes and four loaves of the popular Lemon Sensation Cake Mix had been baked (pretty impressive for novice bakers). It just goes to show that with the right tools and the right product, baking can be made simpler and still taste great! “The chocolate chip cookies were a personal favourite” – Yemi.

The experience gave the team further insight into the benefits of Macphie products and the brand quality, which they brought back to the Forever Creative office.

We’d like to thank Macphie for having us and we look forward to working on advertising plans for 2016 with our improved knowledge and expertise!