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Here at Forever HQ we’ve decided to put together a regular feature on our blog – Forever Creative Desert Island Discs. The format of Forever Creative Desert Island Discs is pretty straightforward. We’ve asked the Forever team that if they were a castaway on a desert island in the middle of the sea with only themselves as company what 5 tracks would they choose to take with them. We also asked the team to choose a luxury item as well as a book.

Second up is Jenni, our Senior Account Manager with her desert island list.

My Chemical Romance – The Sharpest Lives

Linken Park – A place for my head

Frank Sinatra (Live at the Sands) – Fly me to the moon

Biffy Clyro – God&Satan

The Wannadies – You & Me


Dark Materials Trilogy – Philip Pullman

Yes, yes I know that this is technically cheating but it’s my favourite story. I recommend them to anyone who will listen, everyone I know who has read them totally loves them!

Luxury Item

Sketch Book and Pencil

Not very luxury granted… however it will provide a decent amount of entertainment without the need for electricity. I could also burn them, making a pretty big fire, which would cause lots of smoke, which someone would notice, and then I could escape!