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The North West Regional Adoption project came into being due to the current shortage of adoptive parents, with over 650 children awaiting adoption across the North West. In order to address this, 22 North West Councils have joined together to form a marketing consortium so that the project can benefit from the pooling of budgets and resources. Their aim is to generate a substantial increase in the number of enquiries and subsequent adoptions through the implementation of a region-wide marketing campaign.

We were selected by the consortium to deliver a new brand for the project following a widely publicised tender process and a 5 way creative pitch. Our first task was to develop several different names, logos and campaign concepts and test these on a cross-section of people from across the North West. We did this via an online survey involving both those already going through the adoption process and totally new prospects. 

The chosen name Adopt North West and associated branding has since been applied to a wide range of marketing materials. These include a website, TV ad, radio ad, digital advertising and PR campaign. The initial response has been dramatic with over 10,000 hits to the website in the first few months and over 1000 enquiries.