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Child neglect is a sensitive subject and a very big issue at the moment. However, the signs aren’t always as easy to spot as a bruise. Neglect can cover everything from physical or emotional harm to parents and carers not providing adequate food, clothing, shelter, supervision or medical care.

So, Forever Creative Manchester worked with the children’s services team at Cheshire East Council to create a high profile marketing campaign that would help teachers, the police, healthcare staff and people across the community to spot the signs.

We produced posters so people knew what to look out for. We also designed a Z-card that people could carry around with them. This raises the awareness of the 5 key signs. It walks people through a day in the life of a child experiencing neglect. And most importantly of all it features a simple step-by-step guide to Neglect Screening, so people know how to tackle it.

Forever Creative Manchester took care of everything from concept to design to printing, creating the illustrations and writing the copy. This cost-effective campaign is highly prominent in the local community and we hope that by raising the awareness of child neglect it will make a positive difference to young people’s lives.

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