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As a leading Manchester based creative agency, Forever Creative have provided Health Shield support with their marketing, media planning/buying, digital and creative design work for over 7 years. During this time Health Shield have grown considerably as a company and they now cover over 250,000 members and their families throughout the UK. The online environment Health Shield operate in is constantly evolving and they needed a new website developing to keep abreast of these changes.

At the outset of the project we conducted focus groups with different stakeholders within Health Shield to establish the particular requirements for the new website. The findings made it clear that the new site needed to maintain the character and personality of the existing site, whilst introducing new user journeys and technical features such as online claiming and live chat.

After a complete review of the current content, we reduced the amount of information that features on the website and presented it in a more concise way. This included creating digital banners for key messages, infographics, charts, decision trees and animated videos. The new content is more engaging and specifically keyword focused to ensure search engine optimisation.

We created new areas of the website, specifically targeting different segments of Health Shields customers, allowing visitors to access relevant information efficiently. By concentrating on user flow, we ensured that the navigation of the site was intuitive and guided the different segments of visitors to specific calls to action. The website was built using a WordPress CMS which the client finds easy to use to make regular changes and blog updates.

Take a look at the website:


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