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Work Experience Week at Forever

By July 22, 2015 Blog No Comments

Greetings, my name is Sam Underwood and I am a student, currently studying Graphic and Media Design at the London College of Communication. Local to the area, I was really pleased to secure a weeks work experience at Forever Creative during my summer break from University. Now that my weeks work experience is up I was asked to share a few thoughts about my experience and time at Forever Creative’s HQ.

From the moment I got there I was tasked with producing a series of promotional Forever Creative postcards, to be used within a direct mail pack. Each postcard was to feature an uplifting quote and utilise type and image to communicate and enhance the message. Through the process of creating these pieces, I also experimented with a number of new typographical techniques and benefited from a few handy tips from Senior Designer, Greg.

Having the opportunity to come into an agency and work alongside a multitude of people within the field of design, I have received valuable insight into the profession. Rick has spent the week sharing useful and unique advice on how to handle account managers, Dave has divulged his best recipes for pond water smoothies and Tom, I hope you have finally killed the Griffin in The Witcher 3!

Farewell my friends!